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It's been a long time that I've been out of the RP loop. So please, let me know if there's anything I can do better with Queenie. Especially since she is a legilimens it can be a little tricky with her sometimes.
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Queenie Goldstein | Champion Pukwudgie | [community profile] theairlock | Round 2 Survivor
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Threads within are going to be smutty in nature, read at your own risk.
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As the liquid pours down there's a faint shiver, a tingling in the base of the skull and then images, feelings, thoughts and sounds and smells all come rushing in at once.

An image repeated over days, over months. A vast clock under a huge glass cathedral ceiling proclaiming in vibrant orange lettering Severe Unexplained Activity. A creeping sense of dread, the impression of looking up at this threat, this near state of emergency every day for months, nearly a year.

Then it's a series of headlines, each more horrific than the last, the front page of a paper with moving pictures. Gruesome stories of deaths numbering into the hundreds. A woman with dark hair bracing herself time and again, nearly in tears over and over as they both wonder how many of their colleagues might have been lost since the day before. Then she winks out of existence and the sharp, nauseous twist of fear in her guts makes it that much harder to stave off the tears.

The low key hum of panic never ceases.

Standing in the middle of a city street watching a coiling black mass of smoke and fire tear the city to pieces. People screaming, dying, knowing this destructive force is heading for your friends, family, the only people you have left in this world. Tears hot on your face as you realize that this... this is what Grindelwald will unleash on the entire world if he gets his war. This destruction, violent and undiscriminating will tear apart everything in this world.

Terror, absolute and all consuming.

A man, blond and smiling, grinning manically as a pair of uniformed aurors march him out of a subway tunnel. His smile unhinged, his eyes sharp and calculating, all the more eerie for the one blown out, gold and unnatural from overuse of magic. That same face peering out again from a paper.


The fear is still there, the terror, exhaustive and unceasing. A constant weight in the pit of your stomach that feels like it's all you've ever known.

Slowly the fear fades, sharpens into something hot and painful, an aching heartbreak and bone deep sorrow.

If there's even a chance I can stop it-

If yer sure, sweetheart, ya know I got yer back

A brief image of Nishitani's hands over hers, shifting her grip on the hilt of a knife. Anxiety fluttering in her chest like a wild thing. A demonstration of how to hold the knife, how to cut. She drops the knife, turning to bury her face against his chest. Fear and sorrow and a heavy sick feeling in your stomach.

I don't want to do this to them. We finally have a reason to hope.

Look, if you want... ya can always off me, right? 'm already fuckin' dead anyhow.

Tani... n-no. A kiss before he can argue, a thought, loud and despairing. But who else?

On her knees over him, muscles loose, a pleasant hum in her despite the choking knot of tears in her throat. Fear, sorrow, hurt, relief, worry, all vying for the highest emotion. She leans down, kisses him, tears trailing down her cheeks.

I shoulda said it before. I love you

He doesn't have time to answer, she can't let him because if he says it back she won't be able to do it. The knife isn't in her hand anymore, hasn't been for awhile. It presses in, the point precise and exact because of the guide he'd given her.


She sobs and the knife moves faster, hard and deep and the words stop as the blood flows down around them. She leans over him, bracing herself on the cushions next to him, blood pooling around her hand but she doesn't care anymore. She brushes her lips against his one last time and it feels as though her heart is breaking. This is what Grindelwald means by "For the Greater Good".

I don't want you to be executed after a five minute trial.

That would be---boring.

Of course... What are you offering? And what's the price?

I think the price of winning is steep enough.

And then a mechanical arm reaches down from the ceiling, offering her wand.

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Queenie Goldstein
☆ Champion Pukwudgie

12 ¾" ǁ Beech ǁ White River Monster Spine

Me! Still weirded out by not being able to hear anyone's thoughts but it's getting less weird? It's actually pretty neat, having to ask questions and stuff. It's made for some really awful misunderstandings though.

☆ Champion Traitor

11 ½ ǁ Hazel ǁ Veela Hair

Seems like a sweet girl, if a little shy. I'm glad she was able to tell people about her abilities at Nari's meeting. in a place like this keeping secrets like that would be so stressful. It's the same reason I did.

Cooking lessons have been going well. It makes me wonder what kind of place she's from that all of this is so new.

Her powers seem to be a lot like Nari's. Not very controlled and she's worried about hurting people. Gotta make sure she knows that's not going to happen.

She's let me hug her, let me cuddle so so happy that she can let herself have that. This collar thing she's been wearing to suppress her powers is terrifying but I am going to find a way to help her learn to control things. She's been fumbling through all these years. I'm no Ilvermorny professor but I am damn good at charms and I will make this work for her. She shouldn't have to be afraid of herself.

It wasn't just herself she was afraid of. It was everything here and back home and her father. I should have listened closer, I should hve taken her more seriously when she said she was scared. I won't let anyone else go like this.

Ardyn Izunia
☆ Champion of the Infernian

13 ǁ Mahogany ǁ Rougarou Hair

Ardyn seems like a really nice guy. Seems to have taken some of the younger men under his wing. A voice of reason and a good leader. Right up there with Roland and Nari for taking charge and getting things done.

Makes sense since he is a king, apparently.

A king with an absolutely TRAGIC story. Okay I've only picked up on pieces here and there but Morgana's Grace this sounds awful. I'm so thankful he has Leonard and Junpei to look after him.

Hopefully, this thing with Junpei doesn't hurt them all too much.

A goddamn fool and a spiteful idiot. So determined to save himself from being hurt again he refuses to let anyone believe for even a moment that there's anything worth caring for in him. I hate that he does it and no one else says a thing about it. Maybe slapping him was a bit much but he's infuriating. I don't know how Leonard does it.

☆ Champion Sovereign

14 ǁ Rowan ǁ Dittany Stalk

Oh she is too sweet to be real.

Also really surprisingly strong and she eats like a growing boy. Maybe not as dainty as I initially thought. Still sweet as pie, though.

Gosh she's made of tougher stuff than it looks. Physically (18lb bowling ball?!) and emotionally. She's been so good for keeping everyone's spirits up. And she's been so good to Clarith.

There's so much in her past that she hasn't really understood the gravity of until it's too late. I love that she is so determined to right the wrongs of her past. I just hope it doesn't get her hurt. Clarith needs her.

☆ Champion Useless Heterosexual

11 1/2 ǁ English Oak ǁ Kelpie Hair

He's certainly uh... dramatic?

He's so lost in all of this but he's certainly trying to keep upbeat about things. Might have to start making cooking lessons a weekly thing. I'm glad he's around to look after Takumi too.

Morgana, he reminds me of Jacob. He's just so sweet and earnest and easily charmed.

I'm scared for what's going to happen to him now, without Takumi.

Choro you IDIOT. He's been scared, of course, we all are terrified. He seemed to be coping better though. He slept in Kip's room with me a couple of times and Thursday night he was talking about his family and we... we had fun.

I will not let him try this again. Never. Again.

☆ Champion Bystander

13 1/2 ǁ Pear ǁ White River Monster Spine

Clarith has been a victim of so much and yet she somehow has this remarkable ability to remain hopeful, even now.

I wish I could be that strong. If someone I cared for so much was killed I don't think I could endure with half as much grace as she has.

Not only sweet as can be but my goodness the woman can sing. It's so nice to see her relaxing and enjoying something, too. She needs to smile more. Seems like Arianna's taking care of that.

I swear this lady needs to be made a saint or something. The amount she cares for others, the things she can forgive... it's mind boggling. She's taking some time to do things for herself too, though. It's good progress. I'm proud of her.

☆ Champion of Resistance

12 3/4 ǁ Laurel ǁ Unicorn Tail Hair

☆ Champion of Compassion

12 ǁ Fir ǁ Thunderbird Tail Feather

Turns into a walking suit of armor? Is really neat. Also very handsome. May or may not need to relax by the pool more when he's around.

Somehow thinks people wouldn't want him around? I have to wonder what he's experienced back hom to make him so uncertain but he will graciously accept a compliment if nothing else.

Also the man looks fantastic in lingerie. Cece can confirm.

I don't know how to make him feel more included, part of things. It makes my heart ache how separate he feels.

Been trying to keep him close, included as much as possible. He's the last of his people left and it's left him so horribly upset. He's lost his purpose. I think, odd as it may sound, everything that happened with Choro has been good for him. Reminding him of the here and now. He may not have family waiting back home but he has us.

We can be his family.

Homare Nishitani
☆ Champion Chairman of the Kijin Clan, A Subsidiary of the Omi Alliance

13 ¼ ǁ Blackthorn ǁ Snallygaster Heartstring

Technically he is a criminal but technically so are all of the rum runners in New York and everywhere else in the US. They've got the right idea, mobsters, and they've always gotta have a blond bombshell on their arm. Besides he showers me in compliments and, so far as I've seen, has been nothing but nice. Handsy, but nice.

Do need to yell at him for hitting Rhys. Also need to teach him Euchre... maybe with Nari and Roland or Junpei?

He has been my rock through all of this. I don't know if I'd have the strength to keep trying if not for him. I know he will always have my best interests at heart and will do whatever he can to protect me. I wish there I was more I could do to repay him.

He's also excellent for mmm.... stress relief.

Losing Roland has been as hard on him as losing Kip has been for me. We've stil got each other though and we always will. I am not one for getting all romantic for myself or anything but... I really really care for him.

Whether it's really love or not when we get outta here he's coming back to New York with me.

Junpei Tenmyouji
☆ Champion Challenger

12 1/2 ǁ Pine ǁ Thunderbird Tail Feather

He's so smart and curious. Now if only he weren't so hung up on science.

Never give him firewhiskey, the boy will implode.

Has definitely seen some dark things that makes him a little more pragmatic Than I'm entirely comfortable with sometimes. But he seems to be willing to at least entertain the idea of things not beinf horrible which is more than I can say for people that I've met in the past with his outlook.

Far too jaded for his age. Needs looking after.

Good thing Rii is all over that. Really, these two are so cute. Need to make sure they move on this before they lose that opportunity. We already thought we lost him once, that can't happen again.

Twice? My goodness this boy gets into so much trouble. He's been a real lifesaver, though. I honestly don't know what we'd do without him and Nari. They both remind us that as chaotic as this place is... we can still stay sane.

Lee Misniewski
☆ Champion Comeback

11 ½ ǁ Dogwood ǁ Kneazle Whisker

This girl knows everything. Between her and Nari I might actually get up to date. Seems to genuinely want to help out and keep things organized.

Took a long time for her to start taking any of this seriously but it sounds like she's been pretty pampered back home. She's got a competitive streak a mile wide. It doesn't seem like she put a lot of thought about who she was willing to put her trust in but that's me so I will do everything I can not to disappoint her.

I can't believe I trusted her. She did so much to try and show me how much she trusted me. The tattoo, talking about her past, that kiss. And all of it was a goddamn lie.

Leonard Church
☆ Champion Ghost

12 1/4 ǁ Redwood ǁ Wampus Hair

Ruggedly handsome, a bit of a flirt, and a soldier. I need to be keep an eye on him to make sure he's coping okay.

And make sure he doesn't light the kitchen on fire again.

Real live space man? Honestly there's such a difference between us as far as time that I feel like we're having two different conversations half the time but he's really sweet and just... a good person.

I think, somehow, sleeping with him has calmed down the immediate thoughtless responses? So sweet. He lets me cuddle on him too which is always a bonus. Tried to set him and Ardyn up with the date nights but... I'm not 100% sure that worked out.

I cannot fathom how he gets on with Ardyn the way he does. But, who knows. Maybe he'll be the one to bring that idiot around and make him believe in people again. I just pray it doesn't get him hurt.

Mai Kawasumi
☆ Champion Scapegoat

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

Odd. Duck.

Okay still odd but maybe just really painfully shy?

Should've taken more time to get her to open up. The poor girl had a horrible past, it's no wonder her powers turned back on themselves. I know it's not the same but it sounds almost like an Obscurial. She didn't deserve what happened.

Left a shell with a purple hibiscus at the memorial for her.

Mary Batson
☆ Champion Twin

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

Angel's roomie. Seems nice enough from what I've seen but haven't had much opportunity to talk to her.

☆ Champion of the Millenium Tree Forest

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

Never really got to speak with her much but she was close to Clarith.

Left a shell with blue hummingbird at the memorial for her.

Nari Reno
☆ Champion Elementalist

12 ¼ ǁ Cedar ǁ Phoenix Feather

Roomie! Nari is full of fun facts and mostly seems to be really accepting of the whole legilmens/witch thing. She's organized and confident and reminds me so much of Tina it hurts.

Determined to always be "fine" and has the strength of character to keep that up for so much longer than I do. She's so good and so scared of herself it breaks my heart. She will definitely need help keeping things going but I have to convince her to let us help.

She's too good for all of this. I wish I could take her home to the wizarding world and show her she doesn't have to be afraid of her abilities.

I feel like she's pulling further away as time goes on. Shouldn't it be the other way around? She's had so many horrible things happen to her, I can understand her unease but I wish she would let me help her.

Cece has been an excellent influence on her. She seems a lot more upbeat with at least one person she can rely on. Also wow she's a really good kisser. Kinda jealous of Cece.

☆ Champion Hacker

11 ¾ ǁ Elm ǁ Dragon Heartstring

He's a sweetheart and curious but seems to be just ambitious enough that he's been filed as "Thunderbird" in my head. He's so nice to talk to and he seems to enjoy my cooking so that's a plus for him. Got in a fight with 'Tani but has acknowledged that it was a bad idea at least.

Seems like all of this mess with the memories and such have affected him a fair bit. He's been quieter. But also has been trailing around after Angel quite a bit? It's actually... really cute. He's so funny I hope he can get her to lighten up a little and laugh some more.


May have stalked their date a little more closely than was strictly polite.

Why couldn't they have come to us? To any or all of us. I'm sure we could have figured something out about Jack or found a way to cure Angel or something. How could they just give up like that?

Roland King
☆ Champion of Lokapala

12 ǁ Ash ǁ Horned Serpent Horn

Very smart and seems to be haunted a bit by things that have happened back home. He's very intellectual and it makes me feel smart just talking to him. His magic is more reactive than mine though and I have to wonder if some of our old Charms tricks might not help him refine his control a little.

Nari and Roland are the only ones that know the extent of what Grindelwald is capable of.

Also kicked him out of his own room for most of last weekend. I really should make him cookies.

He's been struggling a lot, not having his powers for a bit might have done him some good. I'm just scared what that might mean. At least he and Tani enjoyed their date. Or at least used it to get somewhere, finally.

And then they took his pills. Made him go mad like that, left him to hurt someone when he dind't want to. I hate what happened to him and Takumi both.

☆ Champion Tactician

10 ¾ ǁ Hawthorn ǁ Veela Hair

Knows what magic is!! But also seems to think we'll be attacked at any moment. He seems awfully skittish and that can make people dangerous. WE've started having some down time in the mornings to brush out his hair and help him calm down after his nightmares, poor thing. Hopefully things will get better for him given some time to rest here without worrying about this war going on back in his home.

Have I mentioned how sweet this boy is? It makes me so happy to see him opening up and just being "one of the guys" instead of worrying about being a prince. Have I mentioned how cute he is with Finn?

So worried about him, now. With Finn gone I don't know what's going to happen to him. He seems to be spiraling into a really... bad place but I don't know what to do to help him.

Why? Why did this have to happen to him? Why wasn't I there for him? Why couldn't I have helped him?

Yuuri Wakasa
☆ Champion Green Thumb

12 1/2 ǁ Chestnut ǁ Horned Serpent Horn

Yuuri is so nice and she's been really excellent about pitching in with everything. She seems like a good big sister type, looking after Arianna and all.

Also apparently wicked and has the best games ever. And hot pot. Hot pot is good. All this weird Asian food is good.

She's got it bad for Junpei, too. I need to make this happen. Arianna is being enlisted as an accomplice.

I am so happy for them. They're so good together. What's happened with Junpei could have broken her so easily but I feel like it's made her stronger... given her hope, maybe. I'm glad. I promised them I would go back to her world and help her friends. I am so excited to see the future. (a recognizable future.)

Kip Larimer
☆ Overseer

13 1/2 ǁ Apple ǁ Unicorn Tail Hair

Okay so maybe he's not being intentionally unhelpful. I think he may just honestly be as lost as the rest of us on what's going on here.

He seems to think our families have been informed of what's going on and we're all going to get paid for this mess. This poor clueless boy is too sweet for all of this. He's too sensitive and I just want to protect him.

The fact that he seems honestly confused about why anyone would be concerned about him breaks my heart. I don't want him to get hurt.

Kip, my baby. Gosh he's so sweet and cuddly and so worried about everyone. I was so scared I was going to lose him and 'kumi both. I don't know what I would have done with myself.


Cece Diver
☆ Intern

11 1/2 ǁ Black Walnut ǁ Shell

Adorable and fashionable, what's not to like?

So sweet, I love that she gossips with me. Too bad she can't appreciate Kip but I have Tani for that I suppose.

So determined to try to do what she can for us without ending up like Kip. She's well- she's smarter than him. I hope that helps her. And she's got Nari looking out for her too which helps. Since Nari's the smartest gal here.


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